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After installing the offline plugin, in my terminal, it shows I have some issues in some of my npm packages and it asking to fix them using npm audit fix. I typed this code and then I typed gatsby develop to run my site in my localhost and then I received the following messages!

As you have localhost:8000 running in your browser while you developing something, you may need to end that process and run another port. So it keeps running localhost:8001, localhost:8002, localhost:8003 and so on…

A few weeks ago I messed up with MySQL 5.5 that was preinstalled in el capitan system. I wanted to install the latest version of MySQL but I realized I won’t be able to install latest or even recent version as I have an older version of mac; late 2008 model!

What are the difference between Session and Cookies in PHP?

These are a few PHP related questions for an interview.

How to Install Composer on mac OS X El Capitan in particular.